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Kenilworth Presbyterian Church is called by God to welcome all people into the Christian Community. We strive to exhibit God's unconditional love and hospitality to all people. We welcome and include all people without regard to race, age, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, education or economic class. We share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to serve God in our community and the world.

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April Calendar
April 01: 05:45pm-Tai Chi11 in Fellowship Hall; 6:00pm-P&F Meeting in room above choir room.
April 02: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; 6:00-7:30pm-Choir Rehearsal; Birthday for Gus Adams.
April 03: 09:00am-Breakfast at IHOP; 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 04: Birthday for James Chambers.
April 05: 10:00am-Noon-Church Workday in Fellowship Hall.
April 06: 10:00am-Sunday School; 11:00am-Worship and Communion; Noon-Refreshments.
April 07: 11:30am-Lunch/Brunch at Ryan's; 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; Birthday for Susie Rabuck.
April 08: 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 09: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; 06:00-08:00pm-Sessions in Upstairs Classroom.
April 10: 09:00am-Breakfast at IHOP; 05:45pm- Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall; Birthday for Leslie Godbold.
April 11: Anniversary for David and Carol Lee.
April 12: Open Calendar.
April 13: Palm Sunday: 10:00am-Sunday School; 11:00am-Contata!; Noon-Refreshments; Birthday for Mike Cox.
April 14: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall.
April 15: 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 16: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; 06:00-07:30-Choir Rehearsal; Birthday for Bob Williams.
April 17: 09:00am-Breakfast at IHOP; 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall; 06:30pm-Maundy Thursday; Birthday for Freida Stewart.
April 18: Birthday for Dan Breen.
April 19: 11:00am-Kenilworth Easter Egg Hunt.
April 20: Easter!09:30am-Breakfast Potluck; 10:15am-Egg Hunt; 11:00am-Easter Service w/UCC.
April 21: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; Birthday for Ralph Staschke.
April 22: Earth Day! 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 23: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; 06:00-07:30pm-Garden Work Day!
April 24: 09:00am-Breakfast at IHOP; 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 25: 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 26: 02:00-03:00pm-Aerobics in Fship Hall; 06:00-07:30pm-Wednesday Night Live in Fship Hall with Potluck/Discussion.
April 27: 10:00am-Sunday School; Stand Against Racism; 11:00am-Worship; Noon-Refreshments; 5 Cents a Meal.
April 28: 02:00pm-Aerobics in Fellowship Hall; Birthday for Shelby Bjorlie.
April 29: 05:45pm-Tai Chi in Fellowship Hall.
April 30: 06:00-07:30pm-Wednesday Night Live in Fellowship Hall.

Kenilworth Presbyterian Church, 123 Kenilworth Rd. Asheville, NC 28803 828-252-8872

The Kenilworth News

Chuck Taft, who has been part time Music Director at KPC, for the last year, has taken a full time position at another area church. Chuck has been an enthusiastic and inspiring director to our music. He will be missed. KPC is in the process of finding another music director.
Kenilworth Presbyterian Churchjoined with six other Presbyterian churches on June 14 for the Second Annual Presbyterian Picnic at the Recreation Park.
A new Sunday school class started Sunday, June 2, at 9:55am in the Parlor. The class is titled: "From Cult to Christianity, How we got here." This class will be studying the books of the New Testament in the order that they were written. Dr. Rev. Allen Smith will lead this class.
Our condolences to members Cordelia and Marvin Chambers on the death of their son, Ricardo (Ricky) Pedew. The church was honored to host the funeral and reception for Ricky's service.
The Kenilworth Giving Garden . . . Garden volunteers harvested 53 lbs. of fresh produce for Loving Food Resource during June. Thanks to Asheville GreenWorks for donating funds to purchase a rain barrel to help water the garden at KPC. This is a truly unique "farm to table" urban garden!
Oak Tree Down: During the Sunday service on May 5, one of our old oak trees gracing the front lawn of KPC came down right into the street. It damaged 4 cars and sent the neighbor- hood into darkness. The city and the church sprang into action and the mess was cleared up. The stump was ground, mulched, and flowers were put in to return the front lawn to a place of beauty.
Wednesday Night Live was held Wednesday, June 12 in the garden! The topic of discussion was on Jesus and Ecology.
New tables and chairs delivered to the Fellowship Hall on June 11. KPC and LOS UCC teamed up to purchase and to replace the aged chairs and tables in the Fellowship Hall. Many thanks to Don Peterson, KPC, and Sara from the UCC for coordinating this effort.
Coming Up: Be sure to join us for Movie Night with the UCC on Wednesday July 17 at 6:30pm in the
Fellowship Hall. We will be watching the movie, "Louder Than A Bomb." The documentary follows a
group of teens as they prepare to compete in a Poetry Slam competition
--Rev. Dr. Allen Smith, Pastor

Pictures from Around the Church

Adult Sunday School Community Activities The Choir Gardening Together Kids in the Garden Marvin Chambers The Nursery Of course I approve! We love to eat!



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